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Do you know a Workforce Professional who goes the extra mile when tackling a job, day in and day out? Or someone who handles the most difficult tasks with grace and ease? What about that rare jewel of a colleague that you can call on whenever you’re in need of information or a helping hand? How often do we offer thanks, appreciation, and public recognition to these inspiring work models?

OregonETA members can honor the efforts of a dedicated workforce professional by nominating them for an OregonETA “All-Star Team” award. The organization annually recognizes up to twelve outstanding individuals around the State who show exceptional dedication to work and make significant contributions to their workforce team. Awards are announced at the evening Awards Banquet held at the Rendezvous for Workforce Development Professionals. 

OregonETA is currently taking nominations for this year's All-Star team. Deadline: September 30th. 
Email the following to Donitta Booth (Board Member); 

Name, Title, Organization (of both you and the nominee), and in 100 words or less, describe why this person deserves to be an OregonETA All-Star.

2015 All-Stars

(from right to left)

Kimber Gillaspy

Community Solutions for Clackamas County

This person is a fierce advocate for her clients, filling them with confidence and hope while holding them accountable for their actions and behaviors. Her team has been acknowledged by the Department of Justice for having the highest outcomes in training and placing women offenders into living wage jobs of any of the nine grant-funded innovation programs nationwide. Kimber Gillaspy’s dedication, passion and exceptional teamwork make her a real All Star!

Nominated by Lori Mack

Community Solutions for Clackamas County

Renee Renshaw-Myrwang

Central Oregon Vocational Rehabilitation

This all Star used to be one of her areas top job developers, helping to get all sorts of creative job placements. I remember one involving a young man in a rural area who loved rats, and she helped him get his dream job helping a local pet store care for their rodents. She went on to work briefly for her local DD Brokerage before Vocational Rehabilitation stole her away. Now she manages a full caseload consisting of a wide variety of clients. She was recently honored with an award as one of VR’s top producers, and she comes from VR’s top producing team – Central Oregon. Renee Renshaw-Myrwang is well deserving of recognition by OETA as an Employment All Star.

Nominated by Bob Stevens

Vocational Rehabilitation

Doug Vanzant

Community Solutions for Clackamas County

This All-Star not only gives 110% all of the time, but does it at 200 miles an hour. This person has walked the walk and has an exceptional ability to connect at the heart with the hardest to serve offenders. He has been recognized by the Governor for his ability to help legislators understand the power and importance of second chances, and is a member of the State Reentry Council. He comes to work (early, very early) bright-eyed and eager to learn and contribute to the success of his clients every single day. Always at 200 miles an hour: Doug Vanzant!

Nominated by Lori Mack

Community Solutions for Clackamas County

Ken Smith

East Portland Vocational Rehabilitation

This All Star started their career in the Service during the Vietnam era. They have worked both in the private and public sector. Working with injured workers for many years they walked the fine line between private rehabilitation agencies, insurer’s companies and lawyers. Often noted for their dry wit, professionalism and diplomacy, you would want this person as someone who would “watch your back.” Joining the public sector in working with people with disabilities, this All Star worked full time while earning their Master’s Degree in Rehabilitation and CRC (Certified Rehabilitation Counselor). Besides carrying a full caseload of Youth Transition and Adult customers, most recently they have found time to teach a course on Caseload Management to their peers in VR statewide. This All Star goes to Ken Smith, East Portland VR.

Nominated by Teresa Findley

Oregon Vocational Rehabilitation

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